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Crowdsourcing and the Power of Social

Facing an imposing deadline to come up with a witty new blog post, I did what any smart, loquacious, (semi) young professional would do - I asked Facebook what I should write about. My social circle contains professional contacts, co-workers, family, friends from high school, neighbors, and drinking pals. All-in-all, a pretty good representative of the cross section of America, wouldn’t you say?

I expected that the first round of answers would all serve to stimulate brainstorming, and I wasn’t let down. These included:

To help drive towards a tighter blog post topic, I added some qualifiers: it needs to be about branding or technology. My friends didn’t let me down…here is what I got:

Did my experiment work? In less than 10 minutes “we” went from very general and interesting ideas, to some really specific topics that all could have worked. But how did the crowdsourcing work and how can it work for you? Based on my research and experimentation with crowdsourcing, here are my thoughts:

I know we all like to believe that we are “creative geniuses” who just invents stuff out of thin air all day, and indeed, sometimes that happens. But other times, maybe a little crowdsourcing is just thing you need to get the ideas flowing. It sure beats sitting in your office, staring at the wall, all alone at 1:30am.

I would like to thank my friends for helping me with this post, and of course, dear reader, I would love to hear your thoughts as well. Leave your comments below and perhaps we can take this experiment in a new direction! I also have to thank my co-worker Abeer Kadhem who coded this post for the Web, only to hear me say that we were not going to use it on our company blog…thanks pal.

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